What is Concluded from Peter Comisar’s Statement about $200 Million Fraud?

Peter Comisar
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Mr. Peter Comisar was a valuable board member of Ithaca. Ithaca was run by Mr. Scooter Braun. Mr. Scooter Braun is an ambitious person. It is very wrong to judge someone without knowing the context. If you are favouring Mr. Scooter because he has launched your favourite artist or being a producer of your favourite film, then it will be wrong. Though there was no problem regarding the film industry. It’s all about his investment manager and advisor Mr. Peter Comisar.

Mr. Peter Comisar was the financial advisor of Mr. Braun for a long time. Braun expected a high revenue, as he is recruiting the world’s one of the top-class investor managers. He got the information and confirmation from his manager Mr. David Bolno. Now, the center of this topic is quite different. As you know, in a recent incident, it has been seen that Mr. Peter was accusing Mr. Braun of doing $200 million fraud. As the investigation is going on after the suit was recorded in Los Angeles. But professional analysts are trying to figure out what’s the story behind the door.

Peter Comisar

So many conclusions are being drawn by the people who are watching the story. Isn’t it? But judging someone based on a light thought would be wrong. Professionals who are giving statements on this case are providing some evidence and based on that, concluding the session. Though all of these are hypotheses. The true story will be revealed only by the investigators.

According to a group of analysts, racism is behind everything. Though the fact is not established, and it is clearly stated that the racism claim was fabricated. Though as it is mentioned in some parts of the statement of the suit, the analyst is trying to raise it up. Even as they say, mentioning such words without proper context can ruin the remaining career of Peter Comisar. It will push them to a certain loss. And those who get a scratch from the government, it becomes hard for them to stand in this industry.

Another statement was on the share price. While increasing the share price of a particular stock, a lot of detailing is important. Undoubtedly, without a proper base, knowledge, and experience, no one can deal with the high profits. Mr. Peter gave his everything to make it successful according to his statement. But Mr. Braun is not agreeing with the words. According to him, everything is just a random story. The net revenue of 1.05 billion on the share price is done by them, not by Peter. It is also said Peter is getting the credit. So, if there is a single truth behind Brain’s statement, it can again affect Peter’s career according to analysts.

So, in the end, we can say, Peter and Braun, both sides need to be judged properly. That’s what the investigators will do2. However, Peter has a bright background for a long time. So, neglecting his words on the matter will be wrong. Scooter Braun is a worthy opponent too as he never quits on what he is determined to do. Let’s wait for the moments.