What Kind of Electricity Plans You can Have Now

Electricity Plans
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Checking the joints is also important. To do this, place a sheet between the door and the body of the appliance. Once closed, the sheet should not move and you should have resistance when trying to remove it. If this is not the case, it means that the device is not waterproof. Go for the best Electricity Plans now.

During a renewal

When renewing your refrigeration equipment, aim for at least an A + type energy label and check for the presence of the European eco-label, a guarantee of high-performance equipment. Make sure to size your devices as accurately as possible, which will remain on all year round to optimize consumption. For a refrigerator, there is generally 100L for 1 person then 50L per additional person. In this sense, avoid American refrigerators, very bulky, very expensive to buy and very energy-consuming.

Note that these devices have a climate class. It is an ideal ambient temperature range for their proper functioning. This criterion is important to take into account because these devices may over-consume if exceeded or stop if the temperature is too low.

Electricity Plans

Monitor household appliances

As we saw earlier, 1 watt for a year costs around $ 1 and the standby devices consume energy. at least ten devices remain on standby in a home. That’s as many watts as you can easily save. For example, a TV box consumes an average of 15W or $ 15 per year. By programming it with a socket, you can completely turn it off at night to reduce its use by a third i.e. $ 5 savings per year. Another very simple and very inexpensive way to track the watches is the installation of multiple sockets with switch. For more information, see our article dedicated to the monitoring of electrical devices.

Look at the screens differently

Television: Plasma technology is the most energy-intensive with consumption of around 400W for a large screen (50 inches). If it is lit 3 hours a day, the annual bill is 50 $. So turn off the television when no one is watching it. Try to limit the number of posts in the house and when renewing, opt for LED technology, which consumes less energy. The consumption will then depend directly on the size of your screen.

The desktop computer: A desktop computer, coupled with a screen, consumes an average of 150W. If it is in operation 3 hours a day, the annual invoice is around 12 $ per year. Be sure to turn off the computer if you are not using it. Configure a quick standby, and when renewing, consider buying a laptop that consumes on average only 50W or 5 times less energy or a tablet for 5W.

Most ventilation systems have two operating speeds.

The passage from one speed to another is generally done with a switch. In all cases, the minimum speed is enough to ventilate the house except at certain times of the day: when the bathroom is used or when preparing meals. By programming or regulating the ventilation so that the speed is maximum only during these periods you will make significant savings in electricity (and heating), while preserving sufficient air quality.

Dry the laundry naturally

In average consumption, the washing machine represents 7% of specific electricity consumption, or around $ 15. By drying the laundry as often as possible in the open air, you will be able to save money simply.