What is live broadcasting?

الاسطورة لبث المباريات
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الاسطورة لبث المباريات Live broadcasting is the creation of audio & video of real-time events to audiences over the internet. Nowadays live streaming is becoming a fast-growing popular technology to connect with the audience and also helps to grow business & organizations.

Live broadcasting can be impressive & impactful in a wide variety of content, service promotions, online classes, live announcements, event launching.

الاسطورة لبث المباريات

Live broadcasting Platforms:

  1. YouTube: YouTube was one of the first platforms to make online video streaming famous. This popular website is owned by Google.

Facebook live: Facebook broadcasting offers both live & watch mode which allows host or stream live content. Live stream hosted on personal profiles, pages & groups, but ‘Facebook Watch’ videos can only be published by Facebook page.

Features of Facebook are as follows: Facebook live, Facebook watch, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Easy video sharing, Paid ads, Some tools for business use.Compatible  video formats with MP4,MOV,AVI,3GPP,WMV,MKV.

  1. Instagram: Instagram is an app for sharing photos & videos, the latest version of it allows for both sharing & hosting of videos on stories. Businesses often use this site to launch or announce products. It is one of the busiest social platforms.

This platform allows both consumers & business profiles to upload small shareable clips to the platform with followers. The compatible video format is MP4.

  1. Brightcove: Brightcove is a Boston-based organization and is one of the oldest live online video platforms. These include Video cloud hosting, the video player, OTT flow for internet TV, Zencoder for cloud video transcoding.

The key features are as follows: global content delivery, Video API access, monetization option all the features available on custom paid plans.Compatible video formats are MP4,MOV,FLV,AVI,WMV,MKV,3GPP.

  1. JW Player: JW player is a small open-source code to play audio & video files.JW Player was best for its HTML5 video content. Over the year JW Player offers on-demand content to include live streaming.

JW Player functionality supports MPEG-DASH playback, CSS skinning, Drm, JW Live. JW Live is designed for users with a large budget enterprise.

Features of JW Player include Multi-bitrate. Adaptive streaming, global content delivery, video API access. Compatible video formats are MP4,WMV,AVI,MOV,FLV.

  1. StreamShark: StreamShark is another best live streaming platform for online video functionality, it is a wing of MetaCDN especially in fast & innovative content delivery.

These streaming services offer both consumer-grade(B2C) platforms & distinct platforms for streaming. The company’s key features include global coverage, mobile compatibility, detailed viewer report, customizable live streaming, privacy controls, and customer support. Compatible video formats include HLS, Web M VP9, Web M VP8, Web M VP9 DASH, MP4.

  1. Dailymotion: Dailymotion is France based video broadcasting platform where you can discover content you love from all over the world, live or on-demand. The aim of Dailymotion is the same as YouTube.

It is a basic video-sharing platform that is used by consumers as well as independent content creators. Compatible with all forms of video formats.

Conclusion: Live broadcasting is one of the famous technologies adored globally. Above are some platforms which are definitely growing to help you in the business as well as in content creations. All the platforms serve the aim of live broadcasting in an adequate way.