What is a terrarium?

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A terrarium is nothing but an aquarium for plants instead of fish. It is created with the help of glass and it actually seems like a glass container. It is just made like making any other glass container. It basically looks like a small garden inside a glass container. It also may look like a small forest that is enclosed inside a glass container. Making it look like an own little small mini-world of gardens and forests. It is very easy to build a wonderful terrarium for yourself. You can just make a wonderful plant aquarium in whichever way you need. Terrarium Workshop could be attended to get a clear understanding.

The first thing you will need to do for the plants to grow is a good and neutral environment for every type of plant. Different plants have a different environment to grow in. So when you are choosing the terrarium plants make sure you choose the plant that can throve in the same environment. For instance, you will be able to plant all the succulents even the cactus in the same environment because all the succulents actually require a very little amount of water. Or you will be able to plant some ferns because the mos will like the moisture too. If you try to put the ferns with a cactus then the one or the other plant cannot thrive better. Either fern will get too dry or the cactus will get too wet because the environment where both the plants should grow up is different.

Terrarium Workshop

You can also use a closed glass container or an open glass container. An open glass container is the very best for the cactus and the .cactus and other succulents to thrive in. They pretty much need a lot of air to grow lavishly. A closed glass container that has a lid that is closed can be a good choice when it comes to plants like ferns, begonias, and ivies. They actually like it quite humid. But the thing is you have to observe whether the lid is condensing or not. If you find that the lid is condensing with water then you will have to remove the lid and then replace it after a while.

For any terrarium, you need:

You will require these things or the tools to build a pretty small forest of your own inside a glass container. First, you will need a clear glass container. You can use or make the aquarium of any size. You can even use a goldfish bowl., a cookie jar, maybe even a pickle jar, or even a vase with a broad bottom, maybe a brandy sniffer or you can even choose a shallow dish bow with a glass bowl that could be turned upside down and be used as a glass aquarium. You will require rocks. And the size of the rock could be a marble-sized or any type depending upon the size of the container. You will need activated charcoal that you will require to filter the water and this activated charcoal will help you prevent the growth of fungi inside the glass container. You will also need sterilized potting soil and small plants that are of a variety of colors and shapes and textures. Do try to get miniature plants. These plants should not be bigger for the container.