Travel Along with Some Learning Experiences Virtually

Virtual Amazing Race
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Traveling to the most desirable locations around the world is a great experience. But many people do not get the chance to travel to their desired location. This may be due to some unfortunate changes in the plan or by some other obstacles. Travel to some famous sites also needs more time to be spent by the traveler. These things will take more effort and so there is an easy way to solve these problems. One can travel easily to any location of the whole world within 3 to 4 hours through an online Virtual Amazing Race .

The high improvisations in technology have made this virtual travel easier. The people can travel to any popular sites of this whole world through virtual travel. This travel will be more interesting than the usual travel. There will be many members of this travel. The minimum number of persons who can attend this travel meeting is 5 and the maximum number can exceed 50. These 50 members will be gathered together in a single meeting through applications and programs like Google Earth and Zoom meetings.

Virtual Amazing Race

Comfortable Virtual Travel:

The meeting can be attended in their comfortable place as per the wish of the traveler. The only requirement for this virtual travel is the proper internet correction without any errors. The travel timing will not exceed more than 4 hours and so the participants should free all their schedules during this timing to enjoy the travel properly without any disturbances. The people who wish to join this virtual travel can give the email address to the meeting teams for registration. Once the given mail address is registered, the participants will receive a mail of invitation. This invitation will consist of the scheduled timing of the travel and the location details.

The instructions which have to be followed by all the individuals will be given clearly in this mail itself. These rules should be properly understood and implemented during travel. There will be many interesting games in the form of challenging puzzles. The participants will be divided into many teams. The teams should perform in a coordinated way to win the challenges of the virtual game. The team which performs quicker than the other teams will have the highest chance to win the game. There will be many learning challenges which will be introduced by the host during the travel.

Learning Challenges:

The host will act as a travel guide and aid the people in the travel. The host will announce each and every puzzle related to the cultural games. There will many learning experiences through these cultural challenges. There will be more types of challenges during travel. One of the cultural challenges will make the participants learn a language or the famous art of the area through some artisans of the place. A good artisan will join the meeting and will help the participants to learn the art quickly within the given time. The team which finishes the learning task in the given time will be declared as the winner.