The Start of the Home Loans and More

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Real estate from the secondary market, after signing the loan agreement, along with the seller you will have to go to a notary public to transfer ownership of the property to yourself.  At this stage, the notary draws up a notarial deed and draws a notary fee. You can also apply for entry of the acquired real estate right in the land and mortgage registers, this requires an additional fee. The document will be sent by a notary to the land and mortgage court. For the รีไฟแนนซ์รถยนต์ also you can have the choices.

Documents regarding real estate:

Current copy from the land and mortgage register, as well as a copy of the application filed in the court and entry of the right of ownership in the land and mortgage registers when the ownership right has not been entered yet:

  • Proof of obtaining property rights;
  • Extract and extract from the land register (in the case of houses, land properties);
  • Sale contract (when the loan has already been granted);
  • Preliminary agreement for the purchase of real estate;
  • The notarial deed, possibly another document, on the basis of which the seller has acquired the given real estate;

In the case of flats with a cooperative ownership right to a property without an established land and mortgage register, it will be necessary to confirm from the cooperative that a land and mortgage register may be established.


If you buy a flat from a developer, you will need documents related to the developer’s representation, an extract from the National Court Register, power of attorney, and building permit, copy of the land and mortgage register, developer’s statement on the progress of works and their completion date, as well as advance payments.

Starting the loan

By owning the property file, you can direct your steps to the bank. The loan will be activated within a few days. You can go through the entire mortgage procedure efficiently and calmly. All you need is the support of credit experts.

What to look for when choosing a mortgage?

Answering the question of what the best mortgage is like can cause many difficulties. This is due to the fact that the offer is always adapted to the situation of the borrower.

The final loan terms proposed by the bank are influenced by a number of factors. These include, among others, the amount of income earned, the type of employment, fixed-term or indefinite contract, business activity, etc., the number of people in the household, or the history in the Credit Information Bureau.

Mortgage loan and creditworthiness: what does the bank take into account?

Banks primarily take into account the amount and regularity of our income and their source. By analyzing our current obligations such as loans, credit cards, debit limits, etc., financial institutions predict whether the customer will be able to regularly repay the borrowed capital. The attractiveness of the bank’s offer also depends on the amount of our own contribution. From January this year, we must have at least 20% of our own contribution. This is the result of the introduction of the so-called “S recommendation”, which increased the requirements for the amount of own contribution. Even in 2014, it was enough to have 5% of own funds; currently the value is four times higher. Of course, the more cash we can spend on the purchase of an apartment, the more favorable conditions proposed by the bank.