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pso rite review
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The use of foam roller on the quadriceps, for example, helps to improve the mobility of the hips, the quadriceps treated with a foam roller can work over a longer length and consequently the rotation movement of the hip gains a few degrees. There have been some theories that indicated how foam roller would reduce muscle strength, but it is a theory surpassed by different studies. The use of the pso rite review happens to be essential here.

To get the most out of this tool and avoid problems arising from improper use, you have to know some rules to follow during each training session with the foam roller.

Here are some tips for using the foam roller

How to use a foam roller correctly?

  • Increase blood flow. Warm-up engines
  • Before starting, it is useful to increase the blood circulation to the muscles and tissues with 5 minutes of light warming as with a walk or a little bike. That is the typical warming.

Look for muscle knots or trigger points

The foam roller serves to exert pressure on the knots and relieve muscle tension. But it must be done according to an established logic and process. After heating, you can start using the foam roller, very light to locate the knots.

pso rite review

Support the weight little by little

When you find one, put a little weight on them until you feel the pressure. I would lie to you if I told you that it doesn’t hurt, it’s the price to pay. Anyway, it doesn’t have to be intense pain, it hurts too much, so you are doing the wrong exercise.

You have to feel a little discomfort, resist a little without applying too much pressure. Gradually, the knots will be undone and this discomfort will decrease, so you can increase the pressure, but always little by little.

If the area where you have the contractures is very small, try a tennis ball.

Do not use the foam roller for too long in each muscle

The foam roller bases its action on the pressure that is exerted on the muscles, tendons and on the so-called muscle knots that form after a training session.

A foam roller is relatively aggressive with these areas. We do not have to exaggerate when we use it.

How long should the foam roller be used?

Try to limit the time in each muscle area. The maximum recommended limit is 1 minute per body part. Roll slowly and when you feel a trigger point, stand on it for 10-15 seconds and then continue rolling.

A full session of foam roller should not last more than 10 or 15 minutes

How often do you have to use a foam roller?

There is no valid indication for everyone. It can be used every day before or after training. It can also be used 2 or 3 times per week. I would say, that a good compromise is 3 times a week.

The foam roller and sensitive areas. Can foam rollers be used in the iliotibial band?

Some sensitive areas such as the back, mainly the lower back, or the iliotibial band should be treated after consulting a doctor or an expert. The foam roller can be used in the iliotibial band, carefully and with little pressure.