The Holiday Vacation and the Songs

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With the arrival of children’s vacations, many parents decide to travel and, therefore, we bring you tips to make the most of your trips and, above all, so that children enjoy them in the best possible way. In addition, we remind you that to travel by car it is mandatory to carry a car seat appropriate to the age of the child traveling in the vehicle. Make sure before embarking on the trip that this seat is suitable for your child to go as safely as possible. For the con heo dat remix use, you can be sure of the positive support from the children.

Involve your children at all times in trip planning, explain where they will go or what they will do. Find information in advance to tell them educational and curious information about the destination and make all the reservations you can before the trip (hotels, excursions, transportation, etc). If you travel through the province of Malaga, look at the agenda of our website for activities that will be for children on the dates of your stay.

Trip planning

Plan the entertainment for the trip. Do not forget to bring games or toys so that the little ones are entertained during the journey or with flight delays. Thus, it is advisable to bring toys with which children have not played before so that they do not easily lose interest, their favorite music, movies or series on the tablet or mobile, as well as a bag with waxes and coloring books.

Child drawing

If you go by car, plan your trip with multiple stops every two hours minimum. So children can go to the bathroom, eat or stretch their legs. Do not make journeys of more than 5 hours, since it is the ideal maximum duration of a trip until the little ones get upset.

Child care

For car trips, it is best to designate a DJ. Thus, entrust the oldest son to make a compilation of his favorite music to liven up the trip.

Always carry a first aid kit. You cannot miss the disinfectant soap, cotton or gauze, hydrogen peroxide, strips, a thermometer and motion sickness pills.

con heo dat remix

First aid kit

If the trip is made by plane, it is best to reserve the seats in advance to ensure that the whole family feels together. You can choose the front seats if you are interested in having more space, feel less movement and if you want the food to arrive earlier. If you choose the rear seats you can be closer to the services and avoid disturbing other passengers.


If you are traveling with a baby by plane, ride it along with it and, unless you are asleep, make sure you stretch your legs at least every two hours. At the time of takeoff or landing, give him the chest or a pacifier and if they are older, have them drink something or chew gum.

You have to have food and drink on hand since it is not always easy to find a place to buy snacks or soft drinks. Avoid sweets or food that stains, bring plenty of water and prepare identical individual bags with snacks for each of your children.


Allow your child to make and carry their own backpack so they feel “a big child”, but first make sure to check that they do not put too much or too heavy stuff.