The history of thermodynamics or the energy

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The sources of the object or any of the devices are powered with energy and then it could be considered as the most important part of the society. The earliest days of humanity have been seen with the discovery fire that is fire is the first energy source that is found by human beings through the burning of woods. In the period of early 5000 BC, for the process of smelting the metals there used with the charcoal. The people who belong to ancient Greek have found water and wind as the natural energy resources as the energy resources. And those natural energy resources are used commonly in the period of 18th-century movement with the revolution steam engine. That has been considered to be the most awaited form of producing energy. The way Power to Choose is the highest ideal of getting the service of energy within a particular society or with a particular state. With the range of energy purposes, people have used various energy sources with natural oils to burn and to get light energy. As a fuel, coal has been used after the industrial revolution, and then it has the lineage of petroleum and then other oils which are become very important in the combustion of the objects. And at the end of the 19th century, there the electrical power has come into the use which has been produced through the nuclear energy, not only through the nuclear energy but also through geothermal, hydropower, and then with the solar energy till the present world.

Power to Choose

The background of energy: From the ancient greek there, the word energy has been derived and then the word means for the term operation or with the activity. The word has been appeared for the first time in the 4th century BC in the work of Aristotle as the first appearance. Different from the modern definition of the term, the word Energia has been considered to be the philosophical concept that is more qualitative and has been wide enough to include with the idea of pleasure and happiness. In the period of the late 17th century, the idea of Latin terms that have been introduced by Gottfried Leibniz, the living force has been known to be the definition of the mass of an object. And the velocities of the object have been considered to be the squared one. Due to the friction, the slowing has been accounted for that the energy has consisted of accidental movements over the element that parts of the matter. The kinetic energy has been considered to be a different thing from the living force.

Conservation of energy: The term energy has been used by Thomas young in the year 1907, for the first time instead of the term living force in the modern sense. In the year 1829, kinetic energy has been described by Gustave – Gaspard Coriolis in the modern sense and then the term potential energy has been coined in the year 1853, by William Rankine. In the early part of the 19th century, the law of conservation energy have been postulated and then it could be applied to any of the systems of isolation.