The Energy Options and the Choices

Power to Choose
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You can control monthly electricity consumption. Because you can monitor the extent to which electrical energy is used directly from the meter. Most customers are quite satisfied with this latest method. However, so far there are still many who think this method is complicated and a bit troublesome. In fact, when examined again you should be familiar with this method. Because you also use a recharge system for your cellular phone credit, right? With the Power to Choose this is important.

Where can you buy tokens or electricity pulses?

Today, electricity tokens are sold freely in credit kiosks, ATMs, and minimart. If you have a mobile banking or internet banking facility, of course, the way to top up your token can be done more easily.

  • Using a prepaid or postpaid electricity meter is a personal preference. If you choose to use a monthly electricity bill, the way to save electricity above would be very useful. Of course, the above method can also be applied to prepaid electricity users.
  • Nowadays, prepaid electricity socialization is indeed being intensively carried out by the National Electricity Company. The use of prepaid electricity is considered more efficient because users can control their own electricity usage. However, many people feel that they are not ready to switch to prepaid electricity because they are considered more wasteful. Is it true that prepaid electricity is more wasteful than postpaid electricity?

The use of prepaid and postpaid electricity can be tricked together to be more efficient. No need to use illegal methods because experts will share tips and ways to outsmart prepaid electricity to save money, so you don’t need to keep buying credit.

Check the remaining electric credit periodically

Most people forget or are lazy to check the availability of the remaining electric pulses. As a result, they cannot control their daily electricity usage. Suddenly the electricity pulses run out and automatic blackouts occur. One way to outsmart prepaid electricity to save money is to check the remaining electric pulses periodically. Thus, you can control the use of electricity so it is not wasteful.

Set the Alarm as a Minimum Limit Indicator

On the prepaid electricity meter, there is an alarm that can be an indicator of the minimum limit of available kWh electricity. For example, you set a minimum pulse limit indicator on the remaining 10 kWh pulse, so when your electric pulse is only 10 kWh this meter will sound as an alarm. This minimum limit indicator can be adjusted according to your wishes. So, so that you are not too wasteful or run out of electricity at the wrong time, you should set this minimum alarm limit.

Calculate Electricity Costs from Electronic Devices

Power to Choose

Although it seems rather complicated if you want to save you do have to know the amount of electricity you use per month. In addition to saving money, this method can also prevent power outages at midnight or in unexpected times so that you don’t need to experience automatic blackouts.

First, you need to know the basic electricity rates that apply today. As of February 2018, the basic non-subsidized electricity tariff is Rp 1,467 per kWh. Then you have a 32 “TV with 176 watts of power which is turned on for 12 hours a day.