The Best of Personal Loans for You Now

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The personal loan may happen to those who have a negative name, but the payment terms will be shorter and the rates will probably be higher than normal. Evaluate carefully before deciding to make this type of loan if you have a dirty name, or you could end up with an even bigger debt.

Another alternative is for those who have a dirty name and still decide to take out a loan is to go for another credit line: seek the loan with guarantees. This granting of credit provides greater confidence for the financial institution, since it gives it an asset as collateral, be it property or vehicle. However, it is always good to be aware and take care, as your guarantee can in fact be taken in case of default. With เงินด่วน you can find the choices now.

Proof of income is not mandatory

One more advantage of the personal loan is that you generally do not need to prove your income to obtain it. However, if they do not, financial institutions may feel insecure about closing the deal. And when they don’t, interest rates are likely to be higher than they initially would be.


Freelancers have even more difficulties to prove their income since it can be unstable from one month to the next. One tip is that the income tax can also be used as proof of income. It is always better to give the guarantee to bank companies that you can pay them back, even if it is not at the time you applied for the loan. When in doubt, check the income.

Being negative is a very bad situation for any consumer. In this situation, banks and finance companies usually deny credit, because if they grant it to those who are in default, there is a great risk of assuming a loss. However, even then, it is not an impossible task. You can get a loan for negative, but you need to avoid paying very high-interest rates. To help you, we will list here in this post 4 tips to get credit even in a difficult situation like this. Check out.

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Tips for getting a loan without consulting SPC / Serasa at Caixa, BMG, Banco Inter and others

Look for a payroll loan

  • One of the most advantageous ways to get a loan for negative is through the form of payroll loans. However, in most cases, only retirees, pensioners and civil servants can obtain a loan in this modality more easily.
  • In addition, there are several options where you can get a payroll deductible loan, with very attractive interest rates, just over 1.0% per month.
  • More recently, it has started offering payroll-deductible loans, including for private-sector workers. This is the FGTS guaranteed payroll loan. Check if your company has an active contract with the institution.