Some common mistakes that must be avoided to keep your terrarium healthy

Terrarium Singapore
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A terrarium is a small garden in a glass container, which enables you to make a lively environment with your hands and decorate it in your own way. The terrariums can make your house or office beautiful for a very long period if you take care of them. Terrariums do not ask for much effort and care than the other plants. They just need a good and clean environment. And also, some general mistakes, which must be strictly prohibited.

A high amount of light

Not all the Terrarium Singapore  plants need plenty of light, if they are kept in the direct sun then the leaves may get burned. Leaving the terrarium plants in the sun for very long hours makes the leaves burn because the glass container will act as a magnifier. The glass of the terrarium will easily heat up and will increase the temperature inside. All cannot resist a very high amount of heat and may get destroyed and dried.

Terrarium Singapore

A very little amount of light

As a very high amount of light may cause a problem, similarly, a very less amount of sunlight may also cause some problems. Place the terrarium near to your window and still if it does not get enough light, then change the place of your terrarium. You can also use fluorescent lights to provide the necessary amount of heat and light to your plant.

Very close to the heat source

The terrariums should not be exposed to very high heat. It may kill all your terrarium plants, so keep your terrarium away from the heat source, like a radiator or heating vent.

Remove the dense plants

In terrariums, the dense plants may resist other plants from getting an appropriate amount of heat and light. It will also look so messy that you won’t be able to identify each plant separately. The overgrown plants will make your terrarium look so overcrowded and small.

Excess of fertiliser

Adding too much fertiliser may also kill your plants. Some plants do not need fertiliser and adding fertiliser to the terrarium plants may make them overgrow very fast and may spoil your terrarium. Fertilisers may also dry out your plants.

Watering too much

There are very high chances of adding extra water to your terrarium. You can stop this by watering your terrarium with a spray bottle instead of the watering cans. If you add access to water by mistake then take a paper towel and absorb it. Keep the lid of your terrarium open to get the extra water dried.

The dirty glass container

You should clean the glass of the terrarium once, both inside and outside. If the glass of your terrarium gets a lot of dirt then it may resist the light to reach your plants. Take a piece of paper or any soft cloth and clean the glass of the container. Also, make sure that you don’t do it too roughly and do not use so much chemicals for cleaning it may also harm your terrarium plants.