Smart and effective Choices You Can Make for the Car Rental

car rental
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Yes to the credit card, no to the ATM. To rent a car it is essential to have a credit card, which must be strictly registered to the driver of the vehicle indicated in the contract. On the card will be charged a security deposit, rental cost and any damages or fines. It is a requirement on which car rental companies are often adamant: electronic cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and cash are not accepted and the risk is to have the rental refused. The car rental option happens to be the best here now.

The basic package, optional and extra costs

The parameters that affect the total rental price are many and not always easy to identify. To the type of vehicle, one intends to drive, additional and variable services are added which often increase the bill.

The first tip is to compare different rental companies, but don’t just look at the advertised price. not always the lowest corresponds to the best offer. It may be that some companies, to attract customers, offer basic packages at a lower cost and then charge, and much, for optional extras.

car rental

The basic package usually includes rental for unlimited mileage and a set period of time, 1 licensed driver and insurance coverage. On the other hand, the most common options available for a fee include driving a second driver, a child seat, a navigator, a Wi-Fi hotspot, winter tires or snow chains, and the possibility of driving for an under 25. The choice must therefore be made very carefully and calibrated according to the type of journey you are facing, perhaps by choosing an apparently more expensive package, but all-inclusive.

Full or empty tank

Pay attention to the fuel conditions indicated in the contract. The car is always delivered with a full tank of petrol and so it must be returned. If you forgot to fill the tank, the company will charge you for the cost of the missing fuel, if you opt for an all-inclusive formula. You will be free to return the car to the reserve. But in no case will the value of the fuel you leave in the vehicle be returned.

Which insurance?

Depending on the country in which you rent the vehicle, insurance coverage may vary and not always all are included in the basic package. The most common policies are the CDW, or the Collision Damage Waiver, which contemplates the limitation of liability for damage to the vehicle, the TPI (Third Party Insurance), which refers to coverage against third parties, and TW (Theft Waiver), which covers the theft of the rented vehicle. Watch out for the franchises, which can often be very high, and the ceilings. if you do not want to take risks, you could evaluate the DER (Damage Excess Refund) option, which allows you to reset the deductible to be paid in the event of an accident or take out additional insurance against additional damages. Among the other, most common optional policies are those relating to roadside assistance and driver accident insurance?

Ready, departure stop

Before leaving, check the contract that you are signing up for because it will be the one who makes the case in the event of any disputes. Always keep a copy of all the signed documents, even after returning home because, in the event of problems, they could return many useful things.