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hen parties
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hen parties

Are you getting married? Are your friends pleading for a party?  Then plan for a hen party with your best buddies. Hen party is the party exclusively planned for a bride and her female buddies. Based on the number of participants and what all events you need organizers can plan best hen party for your troop. You have many professionals who plan and organize hen parties all over the world. There are many things to be kept in mind to host a hen party successfully. Some of the key points are listed below.

  • Fun games : Hen parties can be thrilling and exciting only when they have some fun games. Fun games create some fresh mood in the group and provide all the energy required to boost up the participants. Even when there are some guests who are not so close, games help to break the gap and bring people closer. You can include any kind of games which are played in groups. Balloon blasting, ball passing, sculpture making, dare or truth, the question game, the story time etc. are few of the games which can be enjoyed in a hen party.
  • Pick a unique theme : The best way to host a great hen party is to choose a unique theme for the party. The theme must be impressive and acceptable to everyone in the party. You have wide range of themes for a hen party. The participants dress code, hair style, make up, everything must fit with the party theme. Theme may be fairy tales, vintage clothing, Hollywood or cinemas, nautical theme etc. The participants must dress up themselves according to the party theme and can enjoy the party. But remember the bride to be must always stand out from all other participants.
  • DIY your hen party : Though it needs some great efforts to Do It Yourself, at the end it gives you some sort of satisfaction. Yes plan and prepare some gifts on your own. Do any small paper craft of other art you are good at. Any small piece of art with a glue gun and some glitter will also do. You can make some paper bags, lipstick prints or nail prints board, typical masks, customized glasses, photo props, lace crowns etc. which are simple but look attractive.
  • Choose the best location : Based on your requirements and budget try to choose the best location you can offered. The activists you plan must always go hand in hand with the location and the infrastructure available there. Always choose some personal place away from crowd so that you and your friends can be comfortable.
  • Music and dance : No party can be full without music or dance. Whether you are good at dance or not doesn’t matter. All you need to do is to play some great music and try some steps with your buddies. Music and dance are always a form of best recreational activity.

May it be your bench mates or co-workers, cousins or relatives, enjoy some good time with them in the name of a hen party.