Nightmare Cinema As Your Need to Watch

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Nightmare Cinema is another compilation of short films by several directors, which revolves around the same subject, in this case, the cinema. The first scene shows a beautiful young woman in short clothes passing by an old cinema, apparently abandoned, and which has on its sign the name of the film. She is Samantha (Sarah Elizabeth Withers) and passes by his empty chairs and notices that he is in good condition despite being empty, a little later the girl is startled by something simple, the beginning of the projection, which happens suddenly. In it appears a bloody young woman who looks very much like her, and who runs through the woods in a strange pursuit, trying to escape from an alleged masked assassin she calls the Welder. In muzica noua you can have the best shows now.

filme cinema online

The First Tale

Already in this first tale, it is noted that the gore will reign and that what is displayed makes reference to the internal fears of the most “human” characters. The homicides in this first part are pretty creative, and the movie is not taken seriously, there’s not much realistic logic here, besides having clear references to Army of Darkness, the latest Demon Death and a lot of Final Girls, the recent movie which also has metalinguistic comments. Even the clichés of slasher movies are subverted, on both sentimental and future expectation levels.

  • The way stories are tied up is also fun and funny, and as odd as the motivations of the characters are, they make sense within the madness of the script. The transition from one story to another is very smooth, causing no estrangement in the public. In addition, care is taken to mix the horror genres, showing serial killers, atomic horror, invasion of damn manipulative animals in fun-sounding formulas, precisely because they are not taken very seriously what is shown on screen.

The Insights

There are also insights into deadly sins, such as vanity, the need for plastics, which bring together elements in turn from classic trash such as The Dentist and more elucidated ones like The Skin I Dive. There is also the flow of lust, with more references (among them, The Exorcist and Morbid Silence). It’s funny the number of references to B and trash movies, and it’s only natural, given the film’s director, Alejandro Brugués of Juan of the Dead, Joe Dante of Gremlins, Mick Garris of Creatures 2, and several television adaptations of the films of Stephen King, Ryuhei Kitamura who makes many horror movies in Japan and David Slade from Bad . Even the most explicit moments, such as Mickey Rourke’s introduction of the projectionist work well, sound fluid, and help glue the nightmares filmed.

The Last Words

Obviously some stories are less elaborate than others, so there are also more inspired and others without so much creativity, but the way the themes are repeated and the elements replayed within the tales is very clever as it strengthens a cyclic idea with a glue The distinction between macabre tales, which judging by its end, may well have one or more sequels, which would be most welcome if they are conducted in such a joking tone that is taken seriously, with directors who are so expert in style and joking. like the ones are seen in this Nightmare Cinema.