Manual Addressing of the Duct Cleaning Like Never Before

dryer duct cleaning
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Ok guys, now let’s do some manual work. Disconnect the various sections of dryer ducts to expose the interior to eliminate lint. The photos above show a dangerous accumulation of lint inside the vertical ventilation right behind the dryer and in a 90 degree curve a few meters away. You can see all the lint that has accumulated. Some duct cleaning products try to clean this disaster from the outside with all the ducts intact, but if the duct is accessible, why do more effort and expense of very long brushes, bags and all that to end up with a mediocre job.

dryer duct cleaning

Dryer comb comb

Use a duct comb to clean lint from the dryer duct, use manually or attach the outside of the cleaning bar to an electric drill. In dryer duct cleaning this is a very important matter.

  • If you only disconnect the sections of the duct, you will be able to clean each section easily and correctly and then reassemble them correctly. In the case of installation of this tutorial, the ducts of the dryer were originally stuck and screwed together, all that is wrong!

To disassemble and correctly assemble the conduit sections, do the following:

Unplug the dryer

  • Close the gas valve in the dryer (if it is a gas dryer)
  • Disconnect the duct assembly closest to the dryer
  • Gently pull the dryer out of the wall
  • Disconnect the rest of the sections of the ventilation duct

Insert and turn the brush to clean ducts in the dryer

Insert and turn the dryer brush into the duct

  • Now we mess our hands a little, but it’s worth it. You will greatly reduce the risk # 1 of fires in your home (the fire caused by the dryer) by doing this.
  • Fix the end of the brush on the flexible fiberglass shaft.
  • Set as many sections together as possible, as necessary. 2 sections come with the LintEater┬« Jr. 4-piece Ventilation Dryer Cleaning Kit used in this tutorial.
  • The other end of the brush can be used to rotate the manual brush, by hand, or it can be fixed in a variable speed drill as shown in the photo in the upper left box.

Insert the duct cleaning brush into the lint-filled duct and clean it by using a rotating motion while pushing the brush from one side to the other.

Go slowly and if you use a drill, make sure you use a slower speed. Once most of the lint remnants are removed you can go faster to really clean the outlet of the duct.

You can see the process of duct cleaning, before, during and after, on the next page.

Before, during and after the opening of the ventilation duct

Cleaning lint removal from dryer duct

The duct cleaning process: Before, during and after

Carry out the duct cleaning process properly, which will look like the photos above (and this is very difficult to spoil, I mean, you’re brushing a pipe for God’s sake!).

Perform this cleaning procedure for each section of the dryer duct and all spaces. Also make sure that the exhaust discharge cap on the outside of the house is cleaned and has no clogging of lint.