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The athlete must position himself with the line of fire between the two feet, equidistant, and with an opening of the legs equivalent to the width of the shoulders. If the feet are too close together they will cause an imbalance of the body at the time of the shooting; and if they are too open they will cause fatigue in the leg muscles causing discomfort and consequent inaccuracy of the shot with the archery tag singapore price .

The body weight must be evenly distributed on both legs. The archer is straight and comfortable, in a relaxed position with both feet parallel to the line of fire. They should be about the width of your shoulders. The body weight should be distributed equally between both feet and distributed between the plant and the heel of the feet.

During the shot, the posture must remain constant and without moving forward or backward. If you have a problem with the rope hitting your arm you can adopt the open posture. This means that the back foot is brought forward a little. Once the posture has been chosen, it must always be the same, in some cases, it is recommended to make a mark on the floor to signal the position of the feet.

Place the arrow

archery tag singapore price

Hold the bow perpendicular to the ground and with the hand of the rope slides the arrow through the support and fit the tail on the rope, with the index pen upwards. Now place your index finger above the arrow and the middle and ring finger below, forming a hook and hugging the string between the first and second phalanx. Place the arrow on the string underneath the nock point on the string. Make sure that the side arrow mark shows for you or that the leading feather is showing outside the donated window. The arrow is placed on the support of the arrow in the bow window.


With the fingers properly positioned on the string, the archer must pull it slightly so that the grip is inserted between the thumb and the index finger of the bow hand. The first should gently support the palm of the hand and always in the same position.

The position of the hand holding the bow

The location is between thumb and index finger. Place the rest of the thumb on the centerline of the bow. Do not hand-tighten the bow. After you have pulled the rope, open your hand and relax your fingers. During the pull, the pressure should be on the thumb muscle and aligned with the wrist and arm.

For re-curve archers the index, ring and third fingers are used. To make it easier, in the beginning, you can put your thumb on the little finger, to avoid using them during the shot. The index finger is placed on top of the arrow’s tail while the other two fingers are below the arrow’s tail. Keep a space between your fingers and the arrowhead to avoid touching the tail with your fingers, this will alter the shot.

Keep your hand as relaxed as possible. Apply a little pressure to the string to position your fingers on the string throughout the pull try to maintain constant and equal pressure on all three fingers.