Increasing the Youtube views: Your Deals

more views on youtube
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Let’s take a step back in time: in 1939, a film experienced a real flop when it was released. The production company MGM records a loss amounting to 1.145 million dollars. Today, this failure is considered one of the best feature films in history and constitutes the most-watched film on television. The Wizard of Oz was characterized by quality content, but it lacked an essential ingredient: an audience. For more views on youtube you can find the best deals now.

Even if you broadcast high-quality content to your YouTube channel, you may miss out on some great opportunities if you fail to capture the attention of your audience and generate enough views. That said, generating a high number of views is easier said than done. Here the following guide is to help you get your audience on YouTube and keep your brand from flopping.

more views on youtube

Ask your audience to subscribe to your channel

One of the best levers for increasing viewership is asking your audience to subscribe to your channel. Thus, it will be informed of the publication of new content, which will encourage you to follow a regular publication schedule. The easiest way to get your audience to subscribe to your channel is to include a clear and simple call to action through your videos or social media.

Do you doubt the relevance of a call to action? According to, videos containing a clear call to action e.g., “Subscribe now” generate 380% more clicks than when the call to action is included in the video description. At the end of a video, your viewers are engaged and ready to take the next step; it’s up to you to make one, but make sure your call to action doesn’t sound like a desperate proposition, but rather a just a suggestion. To improve the effectiveness of your call to action, follow these tips:

  • Create and share content that your audience will find useful. Study your audience and lead a social media listening strategy to define the types of videos that will most interest your target audience.
  • Make sure your videos are not directly advertising to your business, by offering content that focuses on your brand or related lifestyle.
  • Be consistent and follow a regular publication schedule. Don’t leave your audience waiting: make your videos date and a habit for them.

Nothing could be simpler than a subscription proposal, you might say. However, according to Content Verve, using the first person on your button e.g., “I want to become a social media expert” can result in a 90% higher success rate than other formulations. Keep it simple and straightforward, and you should see your subscriber count and views grow.

Use playlists to organize your content

The most important point when trying to increase your YouTube views is the accessibility of your videos. Obviously your channels and videos will not generate the number of views they deserve if your target audience cannot find them. From this perspective, the organization is a fundamental criterion; as the YouTube Creator Academy explains: ‚ÄúRelevant playlists can increase the playing time of videos; in addition, they are a new asset that will appear in search results, as well as in recommended videos.”