How to vacuum on an electronic cigarette?

vape juice
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If taking a puff of a cigarette usually takes a second or less, an electronic cigarette requires inhaling longer. We are in the fun remind you. You quickly realize that during long puffs, these flavors are amplified.

So we inhale quite slowly on a regular basis. It is not necessary to put as much force into the aspiration as a conventional cigarette. You can, to increase this feeling of flavor, trigger your electronic cigarette a little before the real suction (a small second). Some even go so far as to suck several times on the same trigger before sending the steam into the throat. It’s up to you to find what suits you. The vape juice Offers the best relaxation there.

Adjust its airflow when using an electronic cigarette

Your suction is of course conditioned by the size of the hole where the air enters the airflow in the lingo of the vape on your electronic cigarette. The airflow is often found to be a ring for adjusting the amount of air. This is one of the first criteria that you may want to change when you start vaping. Many electronic cigarettes have a setting on this airflow. With a tighter setting less air entering, the hit scraping at the back of the throat will be more pronounced. It will, however, reinforce the flavors. So do not hesitate to open this airflow slightly if you find that the hit is too marked.

vape juice

The person who is new to the electronic cigarette will appreciate or not the experience depending on the e-liquid chosen. Indeed, if the vaper feels a feeling of lack despite numerous puffs of vapor or if he does not appreciate the flavor of the e-liquid, then he will turn away from the electronic cigarette to return to his usual conventional cigarettes. This is obviously something to avoid. Unfortunately, there is not a brand or name of e-liquid perfect for beginners. it is all a question of taste, of habit. The purpose of this guide is to help you with your choice of e-liquid.

The families of e-liquids: a story of flavors

There are 5 main families of e-liquids: classic (tobacco), fruity, menthol, gourmet and drinks. We will detail the points that seem important to each family, but first of all, know that we must first find the right dosage of nicotine.

Dark Story range

Calculate your nicotine dosage: take advantage of your e-liquid and the appropriate hit. To choose your e-liquid, you must take into account your current cigarette consumption habits. This remains a good indication but it is not the only one. Your way of vaping, the equipment, your pleasure, in short, each vaper must determine its dosage on a personal basis. Your nicotine dosage will have two important effects.

The impact of your dosage: filling the gap and finding the right grip in the throat

A proper dosage will not create a lack of nicotine. You just have to take into account that the nicotine delivered by the vape takes a little longer to be diffused in our body. A suitable dosage will bring you a satisfactory hit a throat grip, very important for beginners because very present on classic cigarettes.