How to sell your house online: The Best Options

Bradenton, FL Realtor
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Bringing your house sharply to the market is best done in consultation with your sales agent. This can estimate the value of your home and make an estimate of how long it will take for certain price levels before the home is sold. In order to be able to sell the house quickly, you will have to make a sharp effort, but of course you also do not want to ‘give away’ your house. The Bradenton, FL Realtor gives you the option to sell the houses now which are quite for you.

Stand out extra with your home

Bradenton, FL Realtor

Almost every self-respecting real estate agent will put your property on selling websites unless there is a good reason not to. Almost every house that is for sale is online, your house will not stand out so easily among the rest of the range of properties. And that is quite a problem if you want to get rid of your home soon.

To make your house stand out even more at online sites, you can promote it extra in various ways. There are costs involved. There are 3 different ways to make your house stand out:

  • With a Promo label
  • With a top position
  • With Housing in the picture
  • With a Promo label you have more presentation space in search results for a month.
  • With a top position, your home is prominently at the top of the results list. This is possible for the period you want; a week or a month or a multiple thereof.
  • With Home in focus, your home will appear on the homepage for a month.

Have a promotional video made of your house

Houses with a promotional film score higher in the search results of online sites. So having a promotional film made of your house is a smart way to get more viewers of your house online. The idea is of course that more online views increase the chance that your property will be sold faster.

Another advantage of a promotional film is that interested buyers will get a better picture of your house than just viewing photos. The disadvantage of having a promotional film made is that it is quite expensive to have it done. Certainly if you want to do it right, someone will have to be hired to do the voice-over.

Create extra atmosphere in the house

Create the wow factor in your house with a simple trick. You can create extra atmosphere at home with the help of decorations. You can also see this in television programs. For example, atmosphere is created by placing a few nice thick candles on a nice tray. You can create atmosphere in the bathroom by laying down a pile of fresh white hands. Before people come to view your home you can do this but also for taking the photos. Make sure you also have two beautiful bottles with luxury soap or bath foam in the bathroom and remove the toothbrushes from view. You can also dress this up nicely with some wooden accessories or a few beautiful natural stones or something similar.