How to find out new sales funnel!

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Not only has the world changed, but the relationship with your customers has also changed. If you want to attract new customers and broaden existing relationships, you need a new marketing strategy and a new sales funnel.

Funnel Authority

Modern selling technologies and the conventional sales Funnel Authority were the right tools when the market was strong, the sales cycle was short, and you had more control and influence over the consumer. But the market has changed, let’s face it. Increased competition, globalization and technological developments have put customers under pressure. You determine where, when and how to shop. Trust and value have become a new ROI, which is what we sell a product, but HOW we sell it our competitive advantage!

The sales cycle is now much longer than before. In an economy in which faith and value is the ROI, selling cycles naturally extend, as we need to build confidence and develop value before even starting to sell. It takes some time. Customers will purchase our services once they have faith in us and buy our products if they understand their business value…

Consumers are flooded with competition in an overcrowded market. Personally, I think they are looking for reasons to reject us and narrow their reach. Salespeople and marketing gurus inundate them with the chance and advertisements to purchase products and services. If you want to stick to your client, you will understand the actual transaction starts when the first sale has finished. Build a selling or inventory process that looks much more like a martini than a funnel.

Let’s take a look. You have to spend a lot of time at the top of this funnel to gain trust. Select the right customer and start investing in a partnership. Build trust and watch them pass slowly through your funnel. During this process, you will invest heavily in them. Relationships and the building of confidence take time, so expect this process to move gradually and realize that when the customer is ready for purchase you are not in charge.

They can push their own way through your funnel only when they are ready. The more chances you drive the more you lose the customer to a rival. It is why overfilling the sales funnel is important. If you have the right customer and your prospect list set up, fill up your funnel with your target customer. Overfilling ensure that you have enough volume to allow your sales to close down on the customer’s timetable.

Upon completion of the transaction, the customer passes into the “system” of your new sales funnel. You have to sell small in a trust and respect the economy to sell big. Clients are likely to “test yourself for scale” before investing in a bigger project, so you really have to add value in this process of the funnel. You have to create an outstanding experience that deepens consumers ‘ trust and generates real value. In this step of the funnel, it is crucial for each member of the team to realize that they are in the sales sector.

Selling at this point is the work of everybody. Anyone who touches, communicates, offers a service or indirectly impacts the customer must understand that they all share the same goal-developing and meeting this customer. A poor apple would definitely kill this customer all the time and work.