Hiring a moving company – tips to know

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Are you planning to move your home or office? Many people choose to hire moving companies as they have the expertise, manpower and the right materials to do the job effectively within a stated period of time.  The general rule of thumb is that those in the process of moving should get quotes from at least two to three companies in order to get an idea of their services and to understand how much does moving company cost. Visit hebystad.se/flyttjanster to grab a knowhow

Here are a few more tips and ideas that will help you to decide on the right professional moving company for your move. Implement these tips while you hire them and watch the tremendous change in terms of cost reduction, professionalism, efficiency, time management and more –

Tips to know for the hiring process:


  • First off, find out if the company has a license to work in this business and if it is an active one. This is very important especially in case of trouble during or after the move.
  • Does the company have the required insurance to cover the damage to your property if occurred?
  • Does the company have a valid worker’s insurance, in case they get hurt on the job? The requirements vary from state to state and it is a good idea to request and verify that the company has the certificate of liability.
  • The next thing to find out is if the moving company owns their trucks or if they rent for the same? If they rent, then do they offer a rental insurance coverage? Most insurance with regard to truck insurance covers only a set amount and it is important to know how much.
  • What kind of damage policy does the moving company offer? This is vital to know about and get adequate coverage especially if the customer has valuable items which cannot be replaced. It also pays to check what their track record for honoring claims is before hiring them. You could do this by knowing their past clients and taking references.
  • Does the moving company provide all information and quotes in writing?
  • Do they require a deposit to book specific dates? What are their policies with regard to change in dates? Is this fee non refundable?
  • Does the mover charge additional fees over and above their hourly rates like fuel surcharges, mileage fees, travel fees and stairs fees with regard to moving and placing furniture in a 2 storey home?
  • What time does the clock start on the moving process and when does it stop?
  • Will the mover provide all the packing materials required for the move including items like moving pads, dollies, shrink wrap for sofas and other items? Are these materials part of the quoted package or is there an additional charge?
  • Are the workers involved in the move part of the company staff or are they hired on a day to day basis?

Does interacting with the representatives of the moving company make you feel comfortable? Do they answer all questions clearly and competently? How do they handle customers on the phone and by email?