Greater Options for the Perfect Sound System Installation
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We will give you tips to optimize the installation of your stereo. The purpose of such a maneuver is to obtain a natural sound. If you lower the latter because listening disturbs you is that the system has a problem. It must remain above all a pleasure. A visit to happens to be effective here.

Form and layout: In which room to install it?

Most of the time we forget that the most important point of a hi-fi system is the room where the equipment is installed. Even before the performance offered by the speakers or the dimensions, the quality of the source or the power offered by the amplifier, the listening room is decisive in the quality of the sound obtained. As a rule, the sound likes space to express itself. That’s why if you have your equipment in a large living room or in a room specifically dedicated to the stereo, this is a good point. Let’s find some basic rules to follow to optimize your installation if you are not in this situation.

First, be sure to respect the natural sense of the room. This means that you have to have the material on the longest length of the room so that the low frequencies are expressed and offer enough distance to the listener. We also recommend that you avoid putting your couch or chair too close to the wall in front of the speakers. Indeed, it can generate a feeling of heaviness in the low medium. On the contrary, sound likes irregular pieces. This is due to the natural avoidance of parallel walls. Another piece of advice: the stone walls allow natural diffraction of the sound. Thus, we recommend that you install your hi-fi system in this kind of room. Do not forget that high ceiling height is also a significant criterion if you want to optimize your installation.

How to get a good stereo image?

In order to have a seamless stereo image, there must be no gap between the right and left speakers. You must not have the impression that the sound comes from the speakers. A so-called stereo image corresponds to a correct location in front of its hi-fi system. It is necessary to stand back from the speakers in order to find this image. Take the example of speakers separated by two meters, the optimal position will be in this case two meters from the stereo so as to make a triangle and enjoy the sound. In this way, no audio imbalance will be there between left and right.

Tip: If you do not have a stereo image, it is possible to mitigate this flat with the scale. The latter offers the possibility of playing on the balance between your speakers if they are not located at a similar distance from the stereo.

Little tips to apply

If you do not get enough bass, you can move the speakers back toward the wall or at an angle. In this way, it will, therefore, play a reflective wall which will automatically optimize the bass. In the opposite case, if there is too much bass, you will have to separate the speakers from the wall. If you have a lack of bass, it certainly comes from faulty wiring between the speakers and the amplifier.