Greater Choices As per Your Requirement in Ecommerce Training

the kibo code
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Your visitor must be able to access the product they are looking for in a few clicks, through smooth navigation. The usage of the kibo code comes essentially in this case now.

For it:

  • Choose a clear and effective categorization
  • Highlight the internal search tool
  • View your current offers

Add a relevant banner

Many e-commerce sites use the banner on their home page. This graphic element has almost become a standard, but care must be taken when choosing this carousel which can have drawbacks:

the kibo code

Be careful about the weight of the slider. You must optimize it otherwise the speed of your site may be impaired.

Pay particular attention to the information highlighted and the scrolling order. A study by Erik Runyon shows that only 1.07% of internet users click on a carousel banner but among them 89.1% click on the banner placed in the first position.

It is therefore important that this first slide contains targeted and precise information, with an effective and visible call-to-action that will encourage Internet users to click and direct them on the site.

Our advice

Position the information in the carousel in order of importance, with powerful and relevant offers.

Finally, it can also be interesting to place a video. This format can help you stand out from your competitors and capture the attention of your visitors.

Highlight your products

By highlighting the products you sell, the user will quickly understand what he can find on your e-commerce site.

Here are two major rules to follow:

Do not drown your home page under the products opt for a selection of targeted products, representative of your activity (best sellers for example)

Evolve your products according to the seasons or current promotions

Give visibility to your blog

The blog is an important element in your communication on the internet, but also in your customer relationship. So do not hesitate to highlight it on the home page.

Thanks to your blog, the Internet user must be able to access additional information on your company, your products, your sector of activity, etc. It is therefore interesting that it can have easy access to it.

Did you know?

The blog can also be seen as an element of reassurance for the user who will be able to use it to glean information and advice on what he is looking for, the products he needs.

You will understand, the home page of your e-commerce is a central element. It captures the attention of the user. Its construction, the elements present and the products presented must, therefore, require your full attention.

Stand out

The e-commerce market is constantly evolving and now customers know very well what e-merchants can try to meet their expectations and make them happy customers. Today, customers no longer seek a simple online shopping experience, they expect more: they buy with their heart and their soul, they want to be surprised.

Taking into account the expectations of your target and the very competitive aspect of the market, why not take a step forward and adapt your business to the latest trends in the distribution market? Don’t just be a drop in the ocean, be the best in your field. So even if each e-commerce is different, here are tips to apply to make your site more attractive and stand out from your online competitors.