Greater Aspects of Vacuuming the Floor

best vacuum for wood floors
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There are many models and often each of them has featured more or less suited to your needs. You have to understand your needs well according to the size of the house, the garage or a store, but surely there are some basic elements that will help you in the choice. Here you will get the right tools to choose the most suitable vacuum cleaner for each of you, in order to be able to find the right offer among the many reviews available on this site. You can have the best vacuum for wood floors now in this matter.

On the market there are various types of vacuum cleaners but the discussion would be too long and specific, so immediately start analyzing the elements to keep in mind from time to time. Read on to find out how to choose the vacuum cleaner.

best vacuum for wood floors

The design

A good vacuum cleaner must have a rigid telescopic tube that extends and retracts, in addition to the classic flexible tube, be very careful, though, because products that are not very resistant can often be found on the market. The dimensions of a vacuum cleaner vary depending on the model, but the important thing is that its weight is not too high especially if you need to make stairs to change rooms, so we can say that it is always better to avoid exceeding 10 kg. Beyond this we must pay attention to the length of the cable and to the presence of a cable reel. 4 meters of cable, for example, is almost never enough, even if everything depends on the size of your home and the number of outlets provided by the electrical system you have.

The accessory kit

Having a good kit has its advantages. To follow it is proposed that you have a much-supplied list, to verify that the chosen product possesses at least two or three of these accessories, like the universal brush and the crevice nozzle.

  • Universal brush: for large and smooth surfaces, carpets, natural fibers and carpets
  • Crevice tool: for narrower slits
  • Triangular brush: for the corners
  • Brush with retractable bristles: no line surface for parquet and delicate hard floors
  • Round brush for furniture and small objects
  • Brush in the form of a thin brush: for radiator elements
  • Turbo brush: for carpets, carpets, hair, animal hair and hard-to-vacuum particles
  • Specific cloths: supplied with steam appliances for thorough cleaning

The power

The power must be variable and usually there are models on the market that oscillate between 1200 and 2000 watts, some Eco models do not exceed 1000 watts but it is a quite exceptional case. The wattage is especially useful for understanding energy consumption: often at a high power there is also a considerable suction force. To understand the suction capacity well, however, one must keep an eye on the air watts usually between 250 and 400 Watts, although unfortunately, we do not always find this data on the datasheets. These are the matters that you will need to be specific about and that is the reason that you can have proper support in every part of the vacuum. The options are open now and there comes the essentiality of the whole process.