Great Choices with the Scrapbook Preparation Now

die cuts
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The ideal is to create your scrapbook throughout the year. If you find the time every month to organize your memories of the last four weeks, for example, you will still remember the details. Another advantage is that at the end of the year, your photo book will be finished and ordered quickly. When it comes to the phones then you can be sure that the die cuts come up with the best challenges for the same and that also within the easy processes. You do not need to be specific on these matters now.

Choosing photos, how to do it

Everything is in diversity: close-ups, photos taken from afar, portraits and panoramas can be mixed for more variety. All selected photos do not have to be perfect. The bottom line is that they have personal meaning and value.

die cuts

Number and quality of photos

Avoid using too many images per page. We get a better visual result with few photos but quality. And here too, the variety offers a better result. If you have photographed a specific place or time in detail, it is original to group your photos in the form of a storyboard.


Photos were taken with a smartphone sometimes do not have enough resolution to be printed in large format. If an alert message appears on some of your photos, do not delete them, it is often enough to shrink them or place them somewhere else on the page.

Titles and texts

Some descriptions or short texts can also help you immortalize your memories. Quotes, anecdotes, dates, or names of places and people can complete your scrapbook. To introduce each new chapter, you can for example use a title adapted to the topic or the month concerned.


Writing fonts sometimes look smaller on the screen than they actually are. Writing styles with a font size between 11 and 14 are ideal for most scrapbook formats. Titles and keywords can be printed in bold or in a larger format.

Dynamism and variety of your creation

You can arrange your photos next to each other, or even more original: superimpose them. Photo frames are also useful to mark the boundary between the different images and the background for example.

You can customize the design of your album even more by inserting cliparts, text bubbles, flowers, patterns and many other decorative elements.


Select decorative elements adapted to the season or event in question. You can do the same with backgrounds by playing with colors and patterns.

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Final test

The ideal is to have your album checked by another person to avoid any misspelling or layout error. Nothing is more frustrating than ending up with an incorrigible misspelling after printing. Have fun creating your personalized album. All you need to do is that you need to be specific on these matters and sharp at the whole process. Then you will be able to have the smartest choices there. This is not easy and that is why you can expect the best results.