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Daintree Residence Condo
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Daintree Residence is situated in a very appropriate location which is a mature estate, Bukit Timah. Shopping malls, schools, restaurants, and transport facilities are within a walking distance. For transport users, it will be easy to connect this place with various parts of Singapore through the Pan-Island expressway. It is a brand new small and luxurious flat in Bukit Timah which is split into two strikes. It consists of more than three hundred units which hold of the single bedroom to four bedrooms which outfit into singles, couples, small and large families. Daintree Residence has an enormous common area and lovely rooftop landscape which offers a truly exclusive outdoor experience. It is also enclosed by plenty of facilities and a few kilometres to trustworthy schools. Holders of the house will be given superiority finishing like granite flooring, planned timber tiles, quartz bakery top, and exclusive applications and hygienic fixtures. The unit will also be well-appointed with a smart home article and Wi-Fi-connected camera external to the house for improved safety.

Daintree Residence Condo

Neighbouring shopping centers

Daintree Residence will be enclosed by a wide range of services. The beauty world centers, Bukit TimahPlaza, and Bukit Timah shopping center are some of the neighbouring shopping malls and multiplexes in the area. They are all inside a short period of ten to fifteen minutes’ way of walking away from the Daintree residence condo. For foodies, there are also abundantly of openings located. Other than that you will also get to see a pet groomer, weary shops, a mini-mart, and other provisions along the same section of roads. Receiving the young ones into good primary schools is perhaps one of the top significances for paternities. Consequently, you will be contented to know that Daintree Residence is inside a few meters to the world wide schools. Aimed at those who are viewing at higher-level education, many secondary schools, and tertiary associations are also within the zone. If you were to gaze at the form and design of Daintree residence, it is all about beyond the border of architectural design. One of the amazing structures is that numerous blocks are being related with a Canopy walk that distances through three hundred meters in total.

Architectural masterwork

You will catch a lot of lifestyle amenities crowded with the panoramic canopy walk that will confidently keep you or your visitors amused round the watch. Some of these amenities contain a health station, yoga area, star watching garden. In addition to the amenities at the roof of each housing block, residents of Daintree Residence will also have a lot of condo services to select from the first level. The amenities are divided into two wings. Valley wing will include the services that are more suitable for persons who just want to ease and acquire some time. You will also find health spa beds, an endless pool, sun grassland, and a green garden. On the other hand, the Tropical forest wing is perhaps for the more lively ones who want to get some exercises done. It has a wide range of predictable condo amenities such as a swimming pool, an exercise room, an aqua-gym, and vapour rooms.