Effective Options in Data Recovery Options

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It can be totally devastating for a company if its data is lost. This means that traffic on one’s website is not the only thing that one should worry about when one is in charge of a company. It is therefore very important that you get a back-up that you can trust if the worst happens. However, it can be a jungle to find the different concepts, and therefore, there is a list of different types of back-ups that you can get from the different providers. In the process of google1 this is very true.

Here are the different solutions

You can easily get confused about all the different terms, and it’s hard to find around. The most used terms are:

Remote backup

This is a scalable, external cloud service for secure cloud backup to your data. With this solution, none of your data lies physically with you.

Hybrid backup

This is a combined onsite, remote protection service located in a secure cloud data center. Here you get the best of both worlds with data in the cloud and with themselves.

Private backup

This is a complete onsite platform. It is inclusive of operating aid. Here you have your own data center, and therefore you have all your data with yourself, but can get help if something goes wrong.

End-user backup

This is an online cloud service for the secure remote protection of the end user data your company may have.

Office 365 backup

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This is an online service for secure remote protection against public cloud data loss. This is an online cloud service that integrates directly into the customer’s very own solutions.

With this information, you are better equipped to tackle the task it is to get a back-up solution. If you want to read more about the different solutions you can search online. Unless you’ve spent the last week on a desert island without contact with the outside world, you’ve probably heard of the ransomware attack that hit more than 200,000 computers in over 150 countries last weekend. It’s the biggest attack with ransomware the world has ever seen.

What made the attack so extensive was that it exploited a vulnerability in Windows and Windows Server that allowed the virus to copy itself without the users clicking on a link or opening a document. Most often, ransomware attacks occur through phishing emails, where the IT-criminals lure users to click on a link in an email or open an attachment that is infected with a virus.

Specifically, the vulnerability of Windows Server Message Block (SMB), which is a protocol used by all Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows Server 2012, was found to share files over local networks, it is not used in newer versions of Windows and Windows Server. Microsoft has released a fix for the vulnerability in March and has made the update completely available to operating systems that they otherwise will no longer update. At this time, the attack has apparently stopped, but copies have already appeared that attempt to exploit the same vulnerabilities.