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More and more people in this country choose to compare electricity. In most cases, electricity is only compared to energy prices. It is of course not strange that you as a consumer want to receive the best electricity from the supplier of your choice. You can Read More about it and come up with the best choices there.

You can choose to compare directly with our electricity comparator, which is by default at the top of the cheapest providers in this country. In addition, you can adjust the energy compare with filters to arrive at the best deal.

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All the prices of electricity are available by looking at the comparator. First of all, you have to enter your details and wishes in the filters and then you get a customized offer. You can also compare the deal from the comparator with all other energy suppliers, so you can immediately see how much money can be saved. We definitely recommend comparing electricity every year, so you realize a big saving. Staying and staying loyal to your energy supplier will in most cases ensure that you pay too much for your electricity.

How does comparing electricity with district heating work?

It may just be that you have district heating at home. Fortunately, it is then possible to switch for your electricity. District heating has no direct influence on the price that you have to pay for electricity, but you can miss out on discounts because you do not simultaneously take out gas and electricity from one provider.

When comparing, enter your consumption and personal requirements in the comparison, we will ensure that you get the cheapest electricity companies at a glance. You can then transfer, which is completely arranged for you. And all this entirely tailored to your personal wishes.

Compare electricity: Switch to another electricity supplier

It may, of course, be that you have just compared electricity and found that you can get cheaper electricity from another supplier somewhere else. If this is the case, you can switch providers for free via the best energy comparator. We can assure you that this is safe and completely reliable. You can also benefit from the independent comparator, which means that we have not made separate agreements with the best energy comparator with energy suppliers. So you always get the best personal offer at the best price. Switching electricity costs on average between 5 and 10 minutes and you quickly save $ 300 per transfer.

Close electricity contract

From now on it is no longer difficult to conclude a contract for electricity. Everything is arranged for you by your new supplier. Do the comparison, find the best offer and simply conclude an electricity contract. This is arranged in 15 minutes in most cases.

Compare electricity

Is it possible to purchase electricity and gas from 2 energy suppliers? Many people ask whether it is possible to purchase electricity and gas from 2 different energy suppliers. You can compile a package yourself through the comparator. For example, you can first choose to compare only gas and then choose a supplier and then you can only compare electricity to arrive at the two best suppliers. Be aware that you can get the most switching discount if you choose electricity and gas from the same provider.