Disable Screenshots and its protection

anti screenshot
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anti screenshot is the latest advancement in the field of malware protection. It is specially designed for windows 10. Many of the hackers are easily take the screenshot without the knowledge of the user when important information like code words, password, amount etc. to avoid this anti-screen shot system is introduced in Windows 10. It is highly protective and it never allows hackers or any other third party to take a screenshot. It is very useful for the businessman, and it is used to keep the confidential record very safe. The users must always be cautious of these things and aware of fraudulent activities.


anti screenshot

Anti-Screenshot has become a special way for us to get the mechanism lead and besides scrutinise the bugs. Taking everything into account, screen catches can in like manner address a genuine risk to security since most of the Malware and various attackers, by and large, will overall take screen catches of your machine and thusly get the data. Moreover, if you are using machine sharing programming like Team Viewer, It gets less secure as the other party can get your screen catches without your knowledge. Malware oftentimes gets your monetary capabilities and other huge information by getting the screen catches on your machine.

Anti-screenshot is a free adversary of a screen catch program inferred for the Windows working system. The program forbids the customer from taking a screen catch of the machine it is presented on. It is very easy to use and it has only two gets when you dispatch it. It stops the process by holding the blank screen so that the hackers or anyone who tries to take a screenshot was not able to take a screenshot. The monitor will become black and all the information is hidden and nothing will be displayed on the screen. This is the speciality of this system, which is exclusively designed in windows 10.

It is a shrewd little instrument and contemplating its light and can be run quickly maybe you can consider passing on it on your pen drive for that extra security. This instrument will in like manner be advantageous for public PCs wherein they have Journal and reference materials. The reprimand anyway is that the ScreenWings is a memory hogger consuming 175MB of your important RAM while running on a Windows 10. Essential once the program perceives that a screen catch is being taken it simply obscures out the screen in this manner defeating the undertaking. I most definitely endeavoured the regular pack of screen catch mechanical assemblies I was using beforehand or as of now using and incredibly the ScreenWings had the alternative to bar all of them without a ton of ado.


The modern world moves every day with computers, mobiles, tablets and other gadgets. Without these gadgets, they can’t able to survive in this pandemic situation. Protecting their gadgets is the primary aim of the people to keep their data’s safe. This advanced technical support will help people to lead a better and safer lifestyle. People are staying and working from home, so they need some security.  These newer inventions best suit the pandemic situation and people must aware of these things and they should be updated in the technical terms and usages.