Data Recovery Free: Top programs that recover data
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A reasonably make newer operating systems only progress in security: To promote Windows 10/08 accidental file deletion, because unlike Windows 7 stays off the prompt if you want “this file really into the trash.” All the more urgently do you need the programs compiled here: They search the hard disk for deleted and restore it? The tools are necessary if you have emptied the trash in addition to premature deletion common tuning tools usually do this automatically. The emergency workers are dedicated to other areas of data recovery, so they prevent write access to the drive and Firefox restores its own bookmarks. For accurate data recovery services, you can visit

Restore deleted files

Above all, the compiled programs make classic data recovery. Background: Files deleted from the Recycle Bin still exist, because Windows keeps them only the visible call reference in file manager resp. File system disappears. The physical disk content is initially preserved; in Partition Management (in NTFS, this is the MFT table) has a “Deleted Flag” indicates that an item is deleted. This is where data recovery to scan the master files table and get-lost back to light.

Recovery: Deep Search for hardship cases

The programs usually deal with the NTFS file system, which is mandatory for Windows’ own partition since Vista. In addition to hard disks, the tools support SSDs and some SD memory cards, USB sticks, and the cloud. Important: SSD deletes should not be too far behind. Although similar rules apply to successful data recovery as to HDD hard drives, internal firmware and controller optimization measures such as TRIM eventually override some rescue attempts. If the standard scans about with Recuva is not fruitful, the depth search is used: It scans the drive for file contents themselves or files headers as bit patterns that mark the starting point of a file. The headers reveal in this time-consuming process, whether it is a JPEG or DOC file. It is best not to use this advanced scan immediately, but only if you cannot get anywhere else.

Save shredded files

If you have a shredder program scheduled on files, the rescue is unlikely. Such programs prevent data recovery by overwriting memory areas multiple times. In this case, you fall back on a (hopefully existing) backup. In addition to programs for creating backup copies, there is a solution to save shredded files. Only if you have destroyed Windows, for example with the boot CD DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke), the ShadowExplorer reaches its limits. If files are missing on BitLocker encrypted drives, a tool restores them. The special feature of the free version tracks such files, to restore the paid Pro version is necessary.

Preventive install programs

For security reasons, not too many programs should be installed; they offer potential attack surface. An exception is data recovery programs: Install the on suspicion – before a data crash occurs! Because every write access to the disk reduces the likelihood that data recovery will succeed if important files have been lost. Then a data rescuer may overwrite the spaces of deleted files by installing them and doing the opposite.