Choose 1st class loans – best alternative for lending stream
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Lending stream loans usually allow the borrowers to pay the amount back in a period of six months and also the person can repay the amount even before the period if possible to pay. This would be helpful for them to save the interest amount without getting increased. When one applies for this type of loan, then they can get the money transferred in the account within a few minutes. You will not have anything to get scared when all the dues are paid at the right time. Among the companies that act as an alternative to lending stream loans, 1st class loans in the UK are the ones that provide good service. You can get all the detailed information through this link to

All about 1st class loans and benefits

If you are looking for some alternative solution to Lending stream loans, then 1st class loans are the best option to approach for anyone. Lending stream act more like a direct vendor but whereas the 1st class loan company act as a broker between the lender and the borrower. 1st class loans would be the best alternative to lending stream loans and so anyone who is in need of money can get benefitted in a great way. They act as credit brokers who help in finding payday loans for customers in the UK.

They are one of the leading companies in the UK that helps in providing loans using an easy way. They help in getting a loan amount ranging from 100 to 5000 pounds and you will have a repayment period of 3-24 months. With the help of them, you can get the loans in lowest rates and they have a panel of lenders like My Jar UK, SafetyNet credit and QuickQuid. No one is charged for using the services and that is the main advantage of applying for loans through them.

How do they work?

The loan process is made very simple in 1st class loans through easy and simple steps. Anyone applying for a loan will need to just fill the application form and once it is done it will be sent to the software called ping tree. The software would process the application and matches the lender who gives at lower rates that suits your requirements. The company has 40+ lenders from which you can choose one with the suitable rates.

  • Credit broker does the job of matching the customer to the lender whereas the direct lender would lend money to the customer.
  • The main purpose of a credit broker is that they would match the customer with the lowest rates.
  • The lenders pay some amount as a brokerage fee for the brokers for their service.
  • The lending stream offers short term loans and they are one of the leading companies in the UK.
  • The APR offered by the lending stream is 1333%.
  • The money is processed into account within 90 seconds.
  • The criteria for the lending stream are that the person needs to be a UK citizen and should be in regular employment.
  • The person must hold a valid bank account.

If you would require more details about the company you can find it through and know more about them.