Changing Media Prototype a boom to the media industry..

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The changing prototype of media has changed many things for the entertainment industry. As nothing is constant in this ever changing world so is our media which needs to be changed according to people’s changing likes and dislikes. There demand is to be kept at priority as the entertainment industry works on their usage to these entertainment mediums only.

Technology also has a major hand in this media transformation right from the point theatres were introduced to the point where digital media has made its mark on the society. These days you don’t have to go to theatres to watch movies you can do that easily by sitting at home watching your favorite movie on websites like 123Movies where not only you will get the best High definition quality but also variety of options for your younger ones and also for yourself. You can stream your video in HD quality without ant hassle but you need to have a good internet speed.

What extra features does 123movies provide??

The extra feature that 123movies provide that its other competitive websites doesn’t is the range of movies it provides like all the genres it has. It had quite a good variety of options for the young ones and as well for the older generation like all the 90’s movies and the present ones as well.



The website is easy to operate.

There are various websites designed for this purpose but 123movies offers you simple and easy way to operate the website and watch your favorite movie online without indulging you in misleading features thus saving your precious time. There is option to register free on the website or you can try the premium plan where you have more variety of options than the regular ones, like you can watch the latest launched movie sitting at your home conveniently, which will give you more movies at less cost.


No third party host involved

While operating the website, you don’t have to switch to some third party website you can stream and watch videos on the same website like 123movies, the movies are submerged in the same website, and no third party host is involved.



There are various benefits which the website offers you. The first and foremost one being the time saving it provides you, you don’t have to waste your time and travel to cinemas to watch your favorite movie you can do that sitting at your home comfortably. The second one being the HD quality videos it provides, all you have to do is decide your favorite movie and just within the fraction of seconds your video will stream and that too in H D quality but the internet speed for that needs to be more than 1 Mbps or else you have to watch it in low quality. The last but not the least the database of the website is frequently updated , like all the new movies according to the peoples demand are added.