Buying an apartment: what to look for during the search?
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You have had enough of your small rental flat for a while. It’s too tight and actually the neighborhood isn’t that cozy anymore. That is why you are looking for your own apartment. But what should you actually pay attention to? Of course, you don’t want you to make the wrong choice. Once you have a viewing, there are a few things that you should definitely check. Find the perfect options with now.

Buy an apartment

It is important first to realize that when buying an apartment you become a member of an Owners’ Association. You are jointly responsible for the shared spaces if you buy a part of a building. To ensure that the entire apartment complex remains in good condition, such an association is mandatory. Every resident must therefore become a member.

How does an Association work in short?

An association makes decisions about maintenance, management and financial matters. The members vote on these decisions in a meeting. And each member contributes to joint costs. This includes major maintenance, energy costs and insurance. An Association records how meetings proceed and how many votes are needed to make decisions. As a buyer, you can simply view this document. This way you get a good picture of the course of events.

What exactly should you pay attention to?

Good. You now know what an Association is and what they do. But which things do you really have to check during your search? In this blog you can read some important things.

Check the state of maintenance

If you are going to view you must check the state of maintenance of your own apartment and the complex. As a buyer you have a duty to investigate, so you have to look carefully to see if you can detect defects. The seller has a duty to disclose, so feel free to ask any questions you have. That way you know for sure where you stand.

Check the reserve fund

An Association deposits money in a reserve fund for major maintenance. By saving, you prevent the owner of an apartment from unexpectedly having to deal with high costs. It is a legal requirement to have such a fund. It is nevertheless wise to check whether it really exists and how much money is in it.

Maintenance plan

With the reserve fund you save as Association for maintenance in the future. Are you interested in an apartment that was built after 2005? Then a multi-year maintenance plan is even mandatory. A maintenance plan gives a good picture of the costs. Therefore make sure that you view it.

Registration municipality

Assume that a Association is not actively involved in maintenance. Then the municipality can get involved. Lack of maintenance is not only bad for the value of the apartment complex, but also disadvantageous for the neighborhood itself. That is why the municipality can make maintenance compulsory. They do this with a notification. What happens if you ignore this as Association? Then the municipality itself takes action to carry out the maintenance and sends the invoice.

Ask what the service costs are

You pay service costs as a contribution for all shared costs, such as maintenance. Every Association determines what this monthly amount is. The maintenance plan is usually used for this. Every owner must pay these costs. Don’t you do this? Then you can get a reminder or even a visit from a collection agency.