Best trips and the Perfect Cars for You

fiat 500x
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Do you make mixed trips? The ideal is a petrol engine, hybrid or not. However, fleeing from the hybrid-diesel, it is nonsense. A visit to fiat 500x makes things perfect.

fiat 500x

The Right Budget

The big trend for manufacturers is rental. Generally, you are asked for a contribution than a monthly lump sum which also includes maintenance. These are quite good plans in general, but beware of final repair costs! They can cost you dearly if you damage the vehicle or exceed the agreed mileage.

The cash purchase remains a safe bet, but this is of less interest to manufacturers. But for second-hand purchases, it is clearly ideal.

There is also credit. We will not dwell on it, we know all the advantages and especially the disadvantages.

The last point, electric vehicles are clearly more profitable with a rental system, think about it. Do you follow?

Finally, decide on a maximum budget that you will not exceed, whatever the cost. If so, it would be the door open to all excess.

A Bearable Maintenance

We don’t necessarily think about it, but the cost of maintaining a car is clearly to be taken into account. And on this point, there are strong disparities from one manufacturer to another.

It is true that going through a small mechanic can generally lower costs. But that does not prevent that certain models can cost you the eyes of the head (and sometimes more). This is the case, for example, of a car that prematurely wears its tires or of a fragile engine block.

  • Also, watch out for false friend equipment. The big rims are very pretty (and again, it’s subjective) but the tires will tear you out of the wallet bills faster than a pick-pocket with ten years of “trade”.
  • There is no secret about that. The bigger the car, the bigger the garage owner’s note. But conversely, engines with a large displacement are frequently more reliable than small engines. The head gaskets, for example, are much more enduring (and we all know that a head gasket costs nothing. But in terms of labor, it’s just excruciating).

Consistent Equipment

Another tip for choosing well: equipment. At first, especially for low budgets, it is interesting to focus on onboard equipment. You could, for example, flash on a Lotus Elise (and I would understand you). But do not expect dual-zone air conditioning, heated seats or sometimes even electric windows.

But there are some types of equipment which can quickly prove essential for some. This is the case, for example, of air conditioning, Isofix mounts or even the seat and steering wheel height adjustments to find an ideal driving position.

Let us also mention the reversing radar, which largely compensates for the absence of compass in the eye! For this, an intermediate finish is preferred at least. In addition, the resale will be easier.

The Choice Of Color

The choice of color, there are two schools: aficionados of hyper flashy colors and who want to stand out, and the most authentic, who will favor a shade of gray, thinking of resale. In fact, both are wrong. Why?

Simply because a flashy or colorful shade will appeal only to a limited audience, but it is more likely to trigger the crush! Conversely, black, white and gray, we see everywhere. Your car does not stand out. So why would a buyer go more to yours than the neighbors?