Best Jewelry Items You Simply Can Have

hamsa jewellery
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You can choose a colored stone, such as dark blue sapphire, passionately red ruby ​​or tender pink morganatic. Colored gemstones are not only an original and interesting choice, but are also significantly cheaper than diamonds, for the same price you can afford a larger stone. With the hamsa jewellery you can surely find your best choice.

If you long for pure classics, but a diamond is inaccessible to you, we should have one secret tip for you. Have you ever heard of moissanite? It is a precious stone, which at first sight is indistinguishable from the diamond – because it is laboratory-made, it does not contain any inclusions and its appearance is absolutely flawless. At the same time, it is a very hard and high quality stone that can boldly measure with its diamond properties. But its price is significantly lower compared to diamond, which your wallet will certainly appreciate.

If you opt for an engagement ring with a moissanite, be sure not to fool your partner and tell her she was given diamond jewelry although her eye is unlikely to recognize it, honesty is still one of the cornerstones of marriage.

hamsa jewellery

What to Look For When Deciding On the Price of an Engagement Ring?

Many couples today choose an engagement ring together, and this is the moment to discuss not only what the engagement ring should look like, but also to decide how much you spend on it. And even if your girlfriend longs for a surprise and wants to leave the choice of ring to you, the amount you want and spend on the ring is the first thing you should think about before buying it. So, dear gentlemen, what to consider when deciding the financial value of an engagement ring?

Financial possibilities

Before buying jewelry, it is advisable to determine how much I want to invest and what price category I can afford. In this first and very important step you determine the boundaries in which you want to move. Even if you only marry once in a lifetime and such a unique moment will never happen again, we do not recommend borrowing; after all, asking for a hand is first and foremost about love and not the price of the engagement ring.

Tip: When you buy an engagement ring, be sure to consider what more extra expense awaits in the near future. Remember, engagement is followed sooner or later by a wedding, which entails additional costs. And by no means does it stop, on the contrary.

The meaning of the ring for a girlfriend

You need to know how important your half attaches to the price or appearance of the ring. Is it mainly about the overall impression that you get when you say: the place, atmosphere or symbolism of the ring? Or is it the kind of woman who appreciates something more traditional and more expensive, such as a diamond engagement ring, which makes her feel special and important?

Your girlfriend’s style

Your wardrobe content and overall style of clothing your girlfriend likes can also help you decide how to choose an engagement ring. She likes to wear exclusive fashion and expensive brands? Or does he rather attend second-hand clothes and dress cheap things? Either way, engagement is referred to as the harbinger of a wedding, and is mainly a harmonious partnership and love that exceeds the value of the ring.