Applications on a SIM card offers basic info about the SIM holder

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SIM card is one of the very popular features of mobile devices which helps in the activation of network connection. This technology is useful for everyone who uses mobile phones to communicate with others, it also helps in creating the links with the network system, and SIM cards are also used for various electronic and electrical projects. SIM php lx card kept the IMSI number and also a key to classify and validate all the customers in the communication structure.

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The SIM card is like a smart card which can be easily exchanged from one mobile phone to another device, the security system has been provided to the users and in 1991 the number one SIM card has been made in France. ICCID is a serial number, PIN and PUK number are included in the SIM card along with the other different data, there is an internal memory in which the personal, financial, data information are stored and it also stored CDMA and GSM information. Application data has been stored in the SIM cards which makes the connection with the handset or the SIM tool application instrument kit server.

The important numbers of SIM:

There is also the specific information about the network which helps to validate the individuality of the SIM users of the particular network. The emergency number of operator-specific, IMSI, ICCID, validation key and LAN are the important keys stored in a SIM card. For all the modern mobile phones the Micro SIM cards have been invented, in this Micro SIM cards also there stored the number of the provider of the network service, the center number of the service provider, dialing number of the service provider, VAS, etc. the storage of this SIM cards have been ranging from thirty-two-kilo bytes to one hundred and twenty-eight-kilo bytes and in these SIM cards one can store minimum two hundred and fifty contacts.

ICCID number:

A nineteen digit extensive number, it is an account’s important number. Separate account identification, check numbers, issue id number, etc. are the various sections of this ICCID number.

IMSI number:

To identify a separate user’s network operator this number has been used. This IMSI number has one hundred and nine digits. The primary three numbers normally refer to a code called MCC, the next two or three numbers refer to the code called MNC and the remaining numbers refer to the identification number called MSIN.

Verification key:

A one hundred and twenty-eight digit key has been used for the verification of the SIM card on the network of a mobile. Every SIM has its separate verification key allocated by the network operator while personalizing each SIM card, this verification key also has been stored in the information base of the network of a carrier. The IMSI number has been first given when the SIM is activated in a particular mobile phone, to the SIM card itself and has been moved to mobile for the operator’s verification. In the operating system’s database search for the IMSI number.


A SIM card can save two hundred and fifty contacts.


A SIM card can store many messages in it.